yoursdankly: horsestance

first 5ever publication. mass-collaborative experimental texts and images. printed full colourrrrr. including the #werk content as seen at the playn page
In 2 possible editions: standard paperback ($20usd) and premium paperback ($30usd) order from lulu

hi girls sleep outside holy water

Contemporary Holy Water by Hi girls sleep outside Item No. 02082019 Consecrated distilled water and pink Tibetan Himalayan Mountain salt. Used to purify bodies, objects, and locations as part of the process of distinguishing the sacred from the profane. Made to Order Comes in an Eve Hot Woman Sexy crystal glass bottle with cork, video documentation of your unique consecration, and a certificate of authenticity. Limited Edition 1 of 1 500ml For questions and other sales enquiries contact For more information and to a view a sample consecration please visit the info page
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oomancy readings $10

Personalised oomancy readings by Orion Facey. Oomancy is the art of divination using eggs. If you have a question about your future or have anything in your mind that you want to resolve, oomancy will provide you with answers. As well as the reading, pictures of your reading and a digital artwork will also be created for you. Please specify the topics you want me to divine along with your purchase.

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4 sale 1X dank dress

1 size (free)

edition of 1

previously used to be a large bag but now has a hole cut in it while you walk around,

also comes with attachable bag

handwash only

ingredients: organic cotton, secondhand webbing+coloured plastic

made in melbourne, australia by Paradise Structures

dank hanging charms

custom-made contemporary hanging-charms for all purposes available on wood and paper made specific energetic needs your unique internal demons share energy thru objects restructure energy for each other internet care network info page